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Stewart's Philosophy

Stewart Philosophy by Victor Borg

I, believe that if a business sincerely believes in providing a superior product or service at a fair price. The market will reward it with long term acceptance. Present ownership has excess of fifty years running. Stewart Custom Boots have never spent any monies on advertising, yet we service customers all over the world.

Stewart boot began in 1940 by Ronny Stewart. A serious and tallanted foot and shoe maker, who designed into the Stewart boot many unique features which we have not compromised to this day. Unlike the vast majority of present day shoe and boot manufacturers who focus on ease of manufacturing to the detriment of the wearer and or the poor soul who tries to repair said footwear.

Stewart boots are, by design, the most comfortable, longest wearing, and easily and economically repairable boots available at any price in the U.S.A.

All materials are the highest quality available, and all work is done in the U.S.A. by craftsman who have decades, not years, of service at our Tucson,Arizona Facility.

Our boots are not inexpensive to purchase originally, but the cost per mile of Stewart boots is the lowest in the industry by far when longevity and repair costs are fractured in, not to mention the superior comfort experience by the wearer during those miles.

Speaking of repairs, unlike much of today’s footwear, where repairs are not at all possible, or economically sane considering the cost of those repairs. Stewart boots are designed from the ground up to be easily and economically repaired. It is not unusual for us to service Stewart boots with 20 to 30 years usage under their belts. It is said that one never throws a Stewart boot away, for that reason try that with any other brand.

- From the desk of Victor Borg

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