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Stewart Working on some boots

Boots For Everyone

Steward Boot is a boot manufacturing company specializing in difficult fitting problems, custom designs, laceup or pullons. Fit is guaranteed. Unequaled comfort, repairability, durability.

Each boot is made for wide, feet with different shoe sizes, for individuals with plantar fasciitis, hip problems, hammer toes, bunions, and other foot problems at no additional charge.

Excellent variety of leathers available, including exotic leathers. Matching custom purses available for our lady customers.

The small warehouse in South Tucson is the last hand-made boot factory in the country.  Mastercraftsmen that produce more than 500 custom boots every year! 

I have known Victor at Stewart Boot’s for over 40 years and I have had the pleasure of wearing his 100% hand-crafted custom boots since I arrived in Tucson. Over the years (7 pairs later) I can say that there is not a more comfortable, well-fitting custom designed boot available anywhere. You are able to select your leather, toe and heel style and custom stitching as well which makes for a great buying experience. The final product is like wearing a pair of house slippers!!! Treat yourself to a great one of a kind boot, you and your feet deserve it.
- Bruce A. Wolpa
Stewart Boots Company is definitely an extraordinary experience. Victor and Linda are masterminds when it comes to designing and manufacturing customized boots. Victor is very meticulous tracing your feet and identifying feet issues.Linda is very knowledgeable about the various type of leather and what will work best based on your needs. Once the manufacturing process was complete, I received the most beautiful and comfortable boots I have ever had. My boots are now over 5 years old and they are still as beautiful and comfortable as the first day.
- Adriene Kyle
I wandered into their shop one day to ask directions and fell in love with the workmanship of their hand made boots. Been wearing them since 1980. have gone through several pairs. Only boots that ever fit my wide feet. Still have two pairs in good condition that were purchased 9 years ago that will probably out live me. I grew up in Tucson and have worn boots all my life. These are the most comfortable boots I have ever had the opportunity to wear.
- Michael Hart
Stewart Boot Company is a diamond in the rough. Victor and Linda run an incredibly genuine and professional business. They are such kind, understanding and generous people. You can tell they are experts at their craft. Victor has a deep knowledge of everything to do with walking and foot ankle and knee alignment, he knew I was a downhill skier just by the look of my feet! The products Stewart Boot creates are of the highest quality! My pair of Stewart Boots are my favorite and best pair of shoes I’ve ever owned! 10/10
- Danielle Borg-James